10 Good Reasons Why You Should Plant Strawberries

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10 Good Reasons Why You Should Plant Strawberries

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This link expands on the 10 reasons why you should grow your own!

Deliciously desirable – start digging for your taste buds. This posted photograph is from our old home garden in Townsville within the double herb spiral beside sage. Sweetly scrumptious – this addiction is a healthy one!

  1.  Everyone loves fresh strawberries.
  1.  Strawberries are good for you!
  1.  Store-bought strawberries can be contaminated!
  1.  Strawberry plants are small and easy to grow just about anywhere.
  1.  Home-grown strawberries require virtually no preparation.
  1.  Growing your own strawberry plants minimizes waste
  1.  Strawberry plants multiply themselves.
  1.  Strawberry plants are perennial.
  1.  It is cheaper to buy strawberry plants than strawberries in the store.
  1.  Home-grown strawberries often taste better.

Link - Grow Your Own Strawberry Plants: 10 Reasons Why | Strawberry Plants .org.

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