4 Bay Composting System with Work Bench

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4 Bay Composting System with Work Bench

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Tonielle is a designer focused on improving the wellbeing of people and landscapes to generate abundance and efficiency.

This design has multiple functions and easy production and organisation of compost. Since compost is the foundation to successful organic gardening, it pays  to make plenty of it, so you wont need to purchase or physically bring it on site.

Our smart looking compost system has 4 bays that are the optimum 1x1m working size and uses the back wall as support for a long work bench (wire mesh or wood) suitable for nursery purposes like potting up, seeding or propagating.

  • The middle bay is always the working bay for weekly compost turning
  • One of the end bays is simply for material storage purpose i.e newspapers, cardboard, leaves.

This is how the composting process works:

  • Fill one bay with in layers of wet/green, dry/brown materials and food scraps and grass clippings.
  • After 1 week, use a garden fork to lift the layered contents of the bay into the middle bay and let sit for a week.
  • 1 week later, return the compost from the middle bay into neighbouring bay where it first started.

This process should last approximately 6 weeks before the compost is the desired consistency. At this point, store it the bay and use as needed. Begin the above process in the unused bay, making use of the materials from the end storage bay.

Purpose of the 4 Bays:

  • Middle Bay is always the working bay
  • One of the end bays is designated to material storage
  • The 2 bays on either side of the middle bay are for composting creation and in turn, utilise the middle bay for air-ration on a weekly basis to quicken the composting cycle.
  • There is always a space for a working pile to add fresh ingredients and one with compost ready to use.
  • A work bench for related activities is located in close proximity, with the likely need of the compost produced.

3 bays is another option but does not allow the storage bay. This will reduce the design from 4 to 3 meters in length. If we can source recycled materials for construction, we will utilise these to reduce costs if agreeable to our clients.


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