Blake Hudson Our Work, Urban


Job name/location:
Bushlark, Townsville


Client vision/project scope:
Our space is used practically and a garden that can produce food but also provide privacy, shade and look great!

Case study
Detailed design and manual with implementation of certain elements. We implemented a number of earthbag raised gardens for perennial tropical vegetables and a rocket wood fired oven.  This landscape was complete with a diverse mix of dry tropical fruit trees including a ‘Fedge’ or food hedge of tropical cherries, peanut butter fruits, elderberries and native flowers.

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“OM has provided us with a comprehensive permaculture landscape design, hard landscaping and horticultural services from November 2014. Blake has constructed a number of raised garden beds and provided plants on numerous occasions. On our suburban block OM provided us with landscaping features including a custom designed cob pizza oven.

All of Blake’s work has been of high quality and he has created an attractive and productive landscape that is a true feature for our home

We would not hesitate in recommending Organic Motion to others.”