What is Permaculture?

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The short answer is; an ethical design system for living sustainably upon the earth. Beyond this one liner, it is a holistic design philosophy, with ethics and principles rooted in ecological science, which combines the art and science of working with nature, to provide for the needs of humans whilst regenerating the earth. PERM(anent)(agri)CULTURE is focused on using ecological ethics

Tropical Ginseng

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TALINUM TRIANGULAR Common Names: Waterleaf, Surinam Purslane, Philippine spinach, Florida spinach Origin: South America, now widespread in the tropics A fast growing perennial bush to 60 cm high with soft main stem and branches to 30 – 100 cm high, forming an attractive, clumping plant. The small pink edible flowers are pretty enough for it to be grown in the

The Wet Season Summer Garden

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In the tropics, we deal with the ‘dry and wet’, with less defined seasons, however winter generally means the most diverse variety of crops can be grown. Crops like carrots, kale and snowpea produce well then, amongst other standard European crops and herbs like Chamomile and lemon balm. However, it is the humid weather and torrential rain during summer that

Seeds for change and starting afresh…

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It is time to start. New projects, sharing of information and seeding change for the year ahead. For me, this means putting my home grown adventures into blogging so I can share the abundant processes happening here at our homestead. Unfortunately, the published blogs I wrote last year were deleted so this is a fresh beginning to share our journey.

Pachamama Design Workshop

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A wonderful day was enjoyed by all when we set into full swing to co-create a design for the Pachamama House! Local Cairns and Tablelands participants and woofers from afar as Japan, France, Italy and the UK came together to crEATe a space to learn about the Permaculture fundamentals and collaborate on ‘seeding the vision’ to design an efficient and

Food Forest Gardens

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Orchards can be much more productive if they are supported by other ‘nurse’ trees known as ‘support species’, which assist the growth of the main crop trees. Converting an existing orchard into a food forest will reduce maintenance, material inputs, improve soil quality and production, and ultimately support the health of the whole landscape system. Organic Motion designs food forest

Poultry Systems

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Chicken Tractor Chicken Tractors are a movable chicken house. The chickens will weed & fertilize an area of ground, preparing it for a vegetable patch! In fact chicken tractors take all the work out of raising chickens – no cleaning, no work and no mess. The floor-less coop ensures that the manure falls exactly where you want it – onto

Benefits of an Organic Home Garden for Cancer Patients

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In an attempt to improve their nutrition – and consequently improve their overall health – lung cancer patients may consider planting a home garden. The experience offers a number of benefits. Not only does it provide patients with a mentally stimulating hobby and a gentle form of exercise, but it also gives them easy access to fresh fruits and vegetables

Are you in the Zone? The Placement of Landscape Elements Matters!

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A concept plan example, showing placement of elements in appropriate zones. Where and why…Here or there? Landscape Zoning In permaculture design, ‘Zoning’ is a big part of the design consideration. By bringing awareness to ‘zones’ or areas based on how often we visit them, we can design elements into suitable locations to create a harmonious flow along access pathways and

A Home Grown Medicine Chest with Elderberry

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This is one of the super star plants that every home gardener should have. Not only is it exceptionally easy to grow, but it is ornamental in its appearance with white lace stars upon a delicate umbel, and yet is extremely useful, from the root to bark, leaf, flower and berry. “Roots of tree where used from dropsy, kidney ailments

20 Good Reasons to Eat Organic or Home Grown Produce

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Buy or Grow Organic – for healthier people and a healthier planet! This information was sourced from the  52 AUSTRALIAN Certified Organic MAGAZINE September 2007 The Biological Farmers of Australia (BFA) has a vision for the organic industry in Australia – to grow organic food sales to 10 per cent of the food market in Australia by 2020. Assist the organic