20 Good Reasons to Eat Organic or Home Grown Produce

Buy or Grow Organic – for healthier people and a healthier planet! This information was sourced from the  52 AUSTRALIAN Certified Organic MAGAZINE September 2007 The Biological Farmers of Australia (BFA) has a vision for the organic industry in Australia – to grow organic food sales to 10 per cent of the food market in Australia by 2020. Assist the organic

10 Good Reasons Why You Should Plant Strawberries

This link expands on the 10 reasons why you should grow your own! Deliciously desirable – start digging for your taste buds. This posted photograph is from our old home garden in Townsville within the double herb spiral beside sage. Sweetly scrumptious – this addiction is a healthy one! Link – Grow Your Own Strawberry Plants: 10 Reasons Why |

4 Bay Composting System with Work Bench

This design has multiple functions and easy production and organisation of compost. Since compost is the foundation to successful organic gardening, it pays  to make plenty of it, so you wont need to purchase or physically bring it on site. Our smart looking compost system has 4 bays that are the optimum 1x1m working size and uses the back wall

Perennial plants for the tropics…

Want to know what the best plants are for tropical gardening and eating? I prefer to integrate the following perennial plants into landscapes because they generally need only planting once and provide food and function for the landscape all year long. They are deep rooted, minimises digging each season and so, once planted they are a long term producer! These plants fit

Herb Spiral – More Edge & Flavour Than a Pizza

Herb spirals are a great way to get the most edge from a garden bed, enabling you to plant more herbs than possible in a square or circular garden bed, hence the more edge and flavour than a pizza! This video above shows a walk through spiral! We’ve designed and installed many herb spirals over the years, partly because they

Composting is proof there’s life after death

Life, death, decay, regenerate… A great lesson in both spirituality and earth-based science is that there is no such thing as waste. As permaculture musician Charlie Mgee sings, “it’s just stuff in the wrong place”! In this earthly organic realm, fertility arises from decay. Life, death, decay and regeneration are all part of the transformative cycle of life. Compost is

What has ‘rocket’ got to do with Pizza?

Short answer…it is super efficient in fuel (wood) and time to cook scrumptious feasts! We started out making the traditional cob ovens and still love them. It is the 3 hours of prepping the fire to generate the heat inside before to cooking, that often deters people (and us) from using the oven without a lot of prior planning. 10