What is Permaculture?

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The short answer is; an ethical design system for living sustainably upon the earth. Beyond this one liner, it is a holistic design philosophy, with ethics and principles rooted in ecological science, which combines the art and science of working with nature, to provide for the needs of humans whilst regenerating the earth. PERM(anent)(agri)CULTURE is focused on using ecological ethics

Seeds for change and starting afresh…

Tonielle Christensen Blog, Education & Culture, Finance & Economics, Health & Spiritual wellbeing, Land & Nature Stewardship

It is time to start. New projects, sharing of information and seeding change for the year ahead. For me, this means putting my home grown adventures into blogging so I can share the abundant processes happening here at our homestead. Unfortunately, the published blogs I wrote last year were deleted so this is a fresh beginning to share our journey.

Pachamama Design Workshop

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A wonderful day was enjoyed by all when we set into full swing to co-create a design for the Pachamama House! Local Cairns and Tablelands participants and woofers from afar as Japan, France, Italy and the UK came together to crEATe a space to learn about the Permaculture fundamentals and collaborate on ‘seeding the vision’ to design an efficient and

Are you in the Zone? The Placement of Landscape Elements Matters!

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A concept plan example, showing placement of elements in appropriate zones. Where and why…Here or there? Landscape Zoning In permaculture design, ‘Zoning’ is a big part of the design consideration. By bringing awareness to ‘zones’ or areas based on how often we visit them, we can design elements into suitable locations to create a harmonious flow along access pathways and

PDCing 2018

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The experience of journeying into the upcoming Permaculture Design Course (PDC) with Organic Motion in September. Life can be so overwhelming sometimes. I am learning to let go of expectations, accept the things I cannot change and be grateful for the abundance I have. I am living in the now without laying judgement on myself or others but reflecting on