What is Permaculture?

The short answer is; an ethical design system for living sustainably upon the earth. Beyond this one liner, it is a holistic design philosophy, with ethics and principles rooted in ecological science, which combines the art and science of working with nature, to provide for the needs of humans whilst regenerating the earth. PERM(anent)(agri)CULTURE is focused on using ecological ethics

Seeds for change and starting afresh…

It is time to start. New projects, sharing of information and seeding change for the year ahead. For me, this means putting my home grown adventures into blogging so I can share the abundant processes happening here at our homestead. Unfortunately, the published blogs I wrote last year were deleted so this is a fresh beginning to share our journey.

Benefits of an Organic Home Garden for Cancer Patients

In an attempt to improve their nutrition – and consequently improve their overall health – lung cancer patients may consider planting a home garden. The experience offers a number of benefits. Not only does it provide patients with a mentally stimulating hobby and a gentle form of exercise, but it also gives them easy access to fresh fruits and vegetables

A Home Grown Medicine Chest with Elderberry

This is one of the super star plants that every home gardener should have. Not only is it exceptionally easy to grow, but it is ornamental in its appearance with white lace stars upon a delicate umbel, and yet is extremely useful, from the root to bark, leaf, flower and berry. “Roots of tree where used from dropsy, kidney ailments