Drone Mapping Service

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Drone landscape mapping and photography

Landscape topographic mapping

We can map your property and produce high quality topographic maps that show the details of your landscape. Need before and after images of a landscaping project?

Small to medium land size (1000m - 30 acres)

High resolution photogrammetry of your landscape surface that is geographically accurate and comes in various file types provided 2D & 3D. These files can be opened in the google earth software or an internet browser for viewing and visualisation.


What's provided:

We come to your place and discuss the area you which map and plan the flight path. We then go and deploy the craft to take the required photos. Within a few days your landscape map will be processed and we will email you the series of emails to download and view the following files:


- Orthographic mosaic (.GEOTiff / .kmz)

- Digital Surface Model (.GEOTiff / .kmz)

- Digital Terrain Model  (.GEOTiff / .kmz) – Used to interpret land surface under tree canopy

- 3D Model (.obj)

- Elevation (.GEOTiff / .kmz)

- Contours – 0.25 m, 0.5 m, 1m, 1.5 m (.kmz / .shp)

- Live Preview Link to view and share the map and 3d model in the browser.


From $528 incl. GST


We can also fly around your property and capture professional high quality footage and photography from any angle. Contact us for more info.