Dynamic Group Facilitation

There is a lot to say about group work. It can be inspiring and engaging or stressful, to say the least.

Dynamic group facilitation brings the permaculture principles and ethics into the social arena, and is the result of designing group structures to function in a supportive and engaging environment.

Cooperation and collaboration, clear decision making processes, consensual group agreements and harvesting whole group wisdom are the foundations for groups of people - enabling them come together and find success in whatever endeavour they set out to achieve.

The role of a dynamic facilitator is to engage each group member to feel part of the team, inspire creative learning and participation and empower the individuals and therefore the group to problem solve and celebrate their work together.

Tonielle is certified by Robyn Clayfield to facilitate creative community governance and decision making to help form dynamic groups, using a toolbox tried and tested creative processes that assist people with projects or common goals to achieve success - together.

Need help with a project? Want your group to work more efficiently together?

Creative Community Governance

Support to assist existing and newly establishing groups to develop good governance and decision making processes is essential to the growth of a healthy group culture and happy human relations. This is vital to the long term success of any community project. 'Glue' processes that bring individuals into a cohesive functioning group in a natural and fun way is part of the creative facilitation.

Creative Facilitation

Creative Facilitation is for people who are wanting to look past the expert/dominant/hierarchical process called teaching or leading, and want to work with a more interactive, participatory process of encouraging learning or group engagement.  Be it a meeting, a project or classroom lesson, there is a place for facilitating creatively, to empower everyone to meet the objectives or achieve the group vision.

Creative Decision Making

Ever heard of a 'dot'atorship? It is a 'people care (principle) version of a group decision making technique that replaces the old paradigm of dictatorship. This is just one of many creative processes from the 'toolbox' to call for the wisdom of the group to make decisions that allow everyone to be heard - engaging participation in a fun way.

A Toolbox of Processes

Fun, creative processes build the foundation for creative facilitation to engage people to participate in dynamic group work.  Thanks to Robyn, I have a toolbox of options that can be applied to various learning or project environments - useful techniques that encourage group collaboration to either present information,  harvest the group knowledge/experience or make decisions.