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Finlay Homes

Job name/location:
Finlay Homes, Townsville


Client vision/project scope:
Our garden will be a showcase of tropical fruits and vegetables while being water efficient.

Case study
Finlay Homes requested our service to provide a detailed landscape design that could be showcased as part of North Queensland's very first, fully monitored 'learnscape' as part of the 'Innovation House' project.

The scope was to produce food and eggs for the Finlay family to enjoy; growing them organically and affordably, while integrating their lifestyle habits to include gardening and participating in a low mile diet.

Efficiency was met through zoning, water wise techniques like raised Wicking beds, and appropriate dry tolerant plant and grass species in low water zones, plus waste management composting area for soil creation and improvement.

As for all our clients, this detailed report was presented in a binded folder and published colour to provided crucial information for use by the Finlay Homes contractors that implemented the overall design. For more information on what this includes, click here.

When first consulted, the land was completely cleared, with soil building over clay a fundamental process to begin with. Some mentionable elements include, dwarf food forest, ponds and dry tolerant tropical garden, Zoyzia grassed area, staw-bale chicken house, clucker tucker grazing frames, edible trellising, raised wicking beds for kitchen garden, herb spiral, 4 bay composting system and a pizza oven!

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"We developed the innovation house concept as a way to educate and communicate a holistic approach to sustainability.

Our goal is not only to touch on the built form of the house but also embracing design, products, energy, technology, waer and the concept of a healthy house. This is the reason we reached out to an expert when it came to the landscaping concept and design. Tonielle and the team at Organic Motion helped us design and deliver a great response for the permaculture landscape design for the Innovation House meeting all of the goals we had set for the project.

The amazing documentation and research provided is a coffee table book for us to show where it all started and the great response delivered in all aspects including edible, low water use, recycled materials, fun landscaping which was a masterpiece by Organic Motion.

We have since recommended this design service to our clients as a level of planning, design, thought and tailored approach to your specific goals and needs saved 1000 hours of research that would be needed to achieve even half of what Tonielle has achieved for us.

Thank you Tonielle

Darren Finlay


Finlay Homes"