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We are a Patreon of Robin Clayfield’s project for creating ‘Dynamic Teaching and Facilitation’ Books and Resources.

We give to her now and know in return that her work will be support thousands if not millions of people to engage in conscious and creative ways to reach their goals in groups.

Who is Robin Clayfield?

Well, she’s the founder of Dynamic Groups and has been training teachers, facilitators and group leaders for more than 25 years in using a heart-centred, inspiring and Permaculture-grounded methodology for group work and group learning. She’s now collating all of her materials into an empowering compendium of books, mini-books, games, and resources.

What is her project about?

Robin’s personal aim, through her work, is to stimulate the foundations of education, training and group work globally, to send a big spark of vitality, hope and empowerment out through all our groups and learning environments, and all facilitators who work for a better world. When groups are on purpose and in harmony, when members are engaged and feeling included, there are less conflicts and disruptions and groups are more likely to be richly successful.

So, our backing her in Patreon will fund the publication of a five book series entitled Dynamic Teaching and Facilitation. The themes of these books are:

  • 1.‘Dynamic Groups, Dynamic Learning’ methodology
  • 2.A huge toolbox of processes for dynamic teaching and facilitation
  • 3.Dynamic decision making, meetings and discussions
  • 4.Permaculture, Deep Ecology, nature connection and environmental education processes
  • 5.Ceremony, ritual, self-care and inner-work processes.

Book 1 will be divided into six mini-books, each of which will be available in both printed and electronic form:

  • 1. Dynamic Teaching and Facilitation – The foundations
  • 2. Dynamic Teaching and Facilitation – Group and personal empowerment
  • 3. Dynamic Teaching and Facilitation – Unleashing creativity
  • 4. Dynamic Teaching and Facilitation – A magical toolbox of processes and resources
  • 5. Dynamic Teaching and Facilitation – The art and skill of facilitation
  • 6. Dynamic Teaching and Facilitation – The learning environment.

Anyone who attends our courses and workshops will know that we have drawn upon our experience of training with Robin and is richly engaging for it. We see it as the future of education and group work!

If this resonates with you, why not invest in her project and reap the rewards she is offering when her books are published? Here’s the link for more info: