Herb Spiral – More Edge & Flavour Than a Pizza

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Herb Spiral - More Edge & Flavour Than a Pizza

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Herb spirals are a great way to get the most edge from a garden bed, enabling you to plant more herbs than possible in a square or circular garden bed, hence the more edge and flavour than a pizza! This video above shows a walk through spiral!

We've designed and installed many herb spirals over the years, partly because they are an attractive landscaping element, but mostly because they create so much surface area for growing herbs (that every home grown gardener loves), its a convenient to plant as many diverse types of herbs with the microclimates that the herb spiral design creates. The sun, shade and soil change with the height and side of the spiral created.


  • Plant dry loving herbs at the west facing top, such as bay leaf, rosemary, lavender, thyme, marjoram.
  • Plant chives and or oregano in the gaps between rocks if you use this as the building medium.
  • Plant moist and shade loving plants at the base, in the east side which will get the afternoon shade, such as mint, Hoto kola, Rungi, Sambung, etc.
  • You can mix in edible flowers and even lettuce and kale for splashes of annual quick pick greens amongst your perennial herbs.
  • Add a pond at the base to grow water loving plants like Lilies and Kangkong.
  • Locate your herb spiral at the front or back entrance of your house, for a short walk from the kitchen and in view of your living room or entertainment area.

The design layout of the herb spiral below (same as the installation video above) had enough area off the front patio of the house, lending itself to a walk through pathway for a larger than normal garden. Below are examples of other spirals we've made in the past.


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