Join us for this all-day delicious and nutritious workshop to discover the incrEDIBLE tropical super foods that can be grown in your garden. Together, we will prepare some sensational recipes and feast on this nutrient-rich,  home grown produce, whilst discovering the true essence of what  'superfoods' are and how they can be grown with a permaculture approach. The shared morning tea, lunch and early evening meals, will tantalize your taste buds. Please note that seats are limited to just 12 people per workshop, so bookings are essential!

​Includes all meals, and a free copy of the  'IncrEDIBLE edibles, Tropical Superfood Guide', illustrated with nutritional and medicinal edibility, recipes and growing information.

Incredible edbile tropical superfood guide

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From garden to plate, the focus is on home grown (nutrient dense) nutrition, herbal medicine, and energy efficient gardening. Theory will be presented, with practical ‘hands on’ sessions in the kitchen to collectively crEate delicious meals, and you will learn how to prepare and preserve the valuable medicinal constituents that plants carry to make your very own herbal medicine concoctions. 

This full day workshop is onsite an abundant and ever evolving permaculture property. It showcases the super foods growing (fruit, nut, vegetable, herbs) with examples of regenerative design strategies and permaculture in action. This  workshop focuses on 'super greens' with detailed information provided in the 'IncrEDIBLE edible, Tropical Superfood Guide" written by Organic Motion and provided to participants.

You will learn about the permaculture design principles and gain skills in observing landscape energies, documenting points of interest to do a site analysis on your own landscape and have the opportunity and support to design your own abundant edible oasis to grow the incredible edible super foods. Grab some cuttings so you can grow your own!

An example of the menu from the last workshop (will change depending on season) crEATed and shared together include:

The IncrEDIBLE Edibles Workshop Menu & Schedule (example from last event)

Arrival 9am Start
Turmeric Tea with Fresh Coconut ‘Golden’ Milk
What is a superfood? > Incredible Edible Guide! > What is Permaculture? >
Super Food from a Permaculture Perspective with Living Landscapes Card Set
Mid Morning Snack & Iced Teas Refreshers 
Elderflower and Kaffir Lime Leaf Cordial
Gramichama berries and Aloe Vera Iced Tea
Spiced Gotu Kola Kenda (traditional Sri Lankan breakfast dish)

Food Forests > List 1 of the Incredible Edibles Mandala Activity > Garden Tour >
Quick break and Iced Tea refresher > Coconut Cream, Milk and Grating Demonstration > Cooking session
Morning Tea 
Super Green Pesto and dehydrated Herb and Tomato Flaxseed Crackers
Macadamia Mango Coconut Cake
Lemon Grass and Mint Herbal Tea
List 2 Incredible Edibles Mandala Activity > Quick break and Iced Tea refresher > Cooking Session “Celebrity Chef”
Lunch 2pm
Green Papaya Salad
Brazilian Spinach with Ginger Vinegar
Cassava, QLD Arrowroot & Sweet Potato Sop Sop
Spicy Green Rice with Aibika Leaves to Wrap
Stir-fried Kangkong, Comfrey & Celery Taro with Galangal, Ginger & Sesame
Garden Salad with Pigeon Pea & Sunflower Sprouts with Tarragon Dressing
Coconut Sambola w Rungi, Kaffir Lime & Vietnamese Mint
Sauerkraut with Gotu kola and Plaintain
Sweet Chilli Jam
Jamu Kombucha & Passionfruit Kefir
List 3 Incredible Edibles Mandala Activity > Why Grow Your Own? > Native “Bush Tucker” Superfoods >
Insight into Permaculture Strategies and Techniques > Designing Your Edible Landscape Step by Step Process > Start your Dreaming - what to include in your edible landscape >
This is workshop is a feast of the senses that aims to inform and empower you to crEate your own abundance.

Cancellations Policy:  Because this is an intimate workshops, refunds are not given once the ticket has been purchased. You can however, give your ticket to another person who can attend instead! 

Location: 118 Green forest roadKuranda, Tropical Far North Queensland. 

Questions? Contact Tonielle on 0422 068 995 direct for any queries.