Jay Jackson returns to pick up where he left off @Organic Motion

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Jay Jackson returns to pick up where he left off @Organic Motion

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Tonielle Christensen

Tonielle Christensen

Tonielle is a designer focused on improving the wellbeing of people and landscapes to generate abundance and efficiency.

The team at Organic Motion is set to grow in the 12 month road map currently underway to re-designing the OM business structure. Whilst we have been creating landscape designs and facilitating workshops, we have held back on forming OM into the next level of business - that being a social enterprise.

Next level to us, is some land to regenerate into an abundant edible landscape while teaching permaculture and running workshops onsite to develop the land. Council approved earth houses and tropical food forests are just part of it. We will be focusing on social permaculture in this space too! So, if want to know more about why we are excited to have Jay back on the team, read on...

What brings you back to be part of Organic Motion?

After a joyful hiatus traveling and working abroad, I have gained a huge amount of experience and a new perspective on things that only a journey of 5 countries can provide. After initial creation in the organisation, I am eager to dive back into the growing enterprise that OM has become at the hands my dear friends Blake and Tonielle.

Why are you passionate about what OM is doing?

Seeing with my own eyes the need for permaculture principles and ethics to be spread far and wide, adopted as mainstream practice and communicated as 'household names', OM is the embodiment of my values in an organisational form. With mindful observation and interaction, OM property consultations are the beginning for most people to 'think outside the box' of their fence-line and see ways to incorporate sustainable elements into their lives for valuable and cost saving benefits. OM edible landscape design fills the need for a specialised service in the field to carefully craft a system that is personalised and productive. And my favourite part of OM is the sharing of knowledge by ways of educational workshops, courses, presentations and soon to be, certified training components.

What will be your biggest focus in the team?

My background in project management and public speaking are to play a large role in my contribution to OM and as tools for positive change in the region. As an active and enthusiastic person, I am passionate about community engagement, business relations, networking, research and development, innovation and most importantly, responding to the needs of those we are connected with.

Anything else you wish to share?

It is an absolute joy to be part of such an amazing tribe on the forefront of sustainable and regenerative practices in the region. I truly feel that each individual, organisation or business we work with are not just clients or suppliers, but all intrinsic connections in the flow of Organic Motion. I look forward to meeting each and everyone of you, while enjoying some tasty homemade, locally grown, organically produced, nutrient dense, living food!

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