Connecting to Nature with head, heart and hands for down to earth fun!
The Nature Kids Permaculture Program is for families to connect, nourish & grow together with earth-based activities & adventures.
We provide all the online resources for adults to learn how to be earth carers & easily facilitate nature play for kids! 
What you get:

Lifetime Access

Once you join, you can access your program anytime and join us year in and year out as your family grows!

Resources for Adults

We give you the knowledge, tools & resources to facilitate nature play with children, so you simply print and play. This is not just for kids, its just as much a journey for adults to learn skills for sustainability.

Self Paced

New modules launched every new moon. You can participate alongside us (we do facebook Lives to support you) and other program participants OR you can go at your own pace.

Whole Family Inclusion

One membership per family, not per child. No matter what size family you have, everyone can participate together.

All the resources you need for a year of Nature Play, Permaculture & Adventure!

We have taken the guesswork out &  made it so easy for you to learn about permaculture & enjoy nature play. With activities for after school + adventures for weekends, no matter rain, hail or shine!

This will complement any homeschool curriculum as well. 

Even if you are stuck indoors, there is an opportunity to learn skills for sustainability and connect deeper with the natural cycles of life. 

This online platform is for adults to learn the permaculture principles to embody a healthy lifestyle ~ we teach you how to facilitate ways to connect, nourish & grow with the children you care for. 

Journey with us to explore: 

  • The 12 Permaculture Principles as life skills for sustainability.
  • Earth wisdom & ethics for regenerative living.
  • Your own Book of Kin ~ a family legacy.
  • How to design & embody the permaculture lifestyle with nature play.
  • Seasonal living - eight celebrations that honour the earth & sun movements.
  • Moon phase connection - cycle through the month program in tune with the moon.
  • Monthly kids yoga, movement & mindfulness.
  • Zero waste challenges for creative arts & healthy habits.
  • A year of Animal Totems & Plant Allies.
  • Awesome Prizes for member engagement every month.

We've created this e-book with 52 nature-inspired activities for permaculture & nature play for the whole family to enjoy. Want it? It's yours for free 🙂
It's not all of the awesomeness included inside our full year of our Nature Kids Permaculture Program: however it is a FULL of options to swap screen time for green time and get grounded in Nature’s wonders.
We’ve harvested the best 52 nature-inspired activities, so you’ll have one for every week of the year...all you need to do is choose your nature play adventure!
Nature Kids Permaculture Program

To join and for further information go to:

earth care collective