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Pallarenda, Townsville

Job name/location:

Pallarenda, Townsville



Client vision/project scope:

Our space is used practically and a garden that can produce food but also provide privacy, shade and look great!

Case study

Front entrance, back pool area and both sides of this 'Queenslander' property was in need of landscaping after a heavy wet season that saw the garden grow out of control. We began with the  'chop and drop' technique to thin out trees that were not desirable and put the weeds collected into a weed tea container for later use.

The front yard features a tree seat around a Malabar chestnut, Herb spiral with 22 culinary and medicinal herbs, various Citrus and Avocado varieties, Rosella, Mulberry, Finger lime, edible Day lilies, Gulf Coast blueberries with some existing native Bottle brush and Grevillea. Pigeon Pea and Comfrey where chosen for the support species for living mulch and nutrient mining.

The driveway side yard required access for the trailer and a grassed area for their pet dogs, so along the fence line we planted Sweet leaf (tropical asparagus), Passionfruit and used Pinto peanut for the ground cover that won't require mowing. Behind the trailer storage and laundry we implemented a Banana planted with three different banana species and a Papaya circle, hydrated with rain water from the down-pipe and suitable to compost larger pruned branches and household cardboard/organic items.

Zone 1 - the most productive area and visited daily was below the back stairs leading down from the kitchen, so we constructed a raised 'wicking bed' for this family's favourite annual vegetables including: tomato, eggplant, corn, beans, capsicum, rocket and some companion herbs and flowers and set up a composting bay. A strawberry patch was planted under the stairs and around an existing white hibiscus, with mint around the base of a tap and down-pipe.

The back yard was mostly filled with an in-ground pool, spa and paved entertaining area, so the surrounding gardens where cleared of undesirable palms and replaced with a dwarf food forest including; Guava, Mango, Jaboticaba (tree grape), Sugar cane, Dragon fruit, Yellow Mangosteen, Sweet potato, Ceylon,  spinach, Cassava, Torch ginger and some native Acacia shrubs. Clumping Budda belly bamboo was grown to create privacy and a Turkish fig was planted to espalier along a fence that screens the pool pump. The other side of the

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