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201816sep(sep 16)3:30 pm02oct(oct 2)10:30 amEvent OverPERMACULTURE DESIGN COURSE 2018 (PDC)

Get tickets here:

201816sep(sep 16)3:30 pm02oct(oct 2)10:30 amEvent OverPERMACULTURE DESIGN COURSE 2018 (PDC)

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Gain the skills to to design and grow sustainable edible landscapes. Join us for this 2 week live-in retreat to explore Permaculture to gain a deep understanding of this ecological science, practical principles and guiding design methods.

This course covers the 72 hour intensive nationally recognized curriculum plus many practical workshops to embody the theory of the lecture based and creative process sessions. A diverse team of local teachers will be presenting various subjects and workshops throughout this course.  *Family Friendly Course - Parents can learn while children attend the 'Nature Kids Program' alongside the PDC within the school. 

What is permaculture? 
Perma(nent)( agri)Culture is a design framework that aims for providing for our needs, whilst improving the earths resources = sustainability. 

Meet the Teaching Team

​​Included in this course is...

  • All meals; nutritious feasts by Jo at Arohanui Living Foods.
  • Tours of inspiring landscapes demonstration permaculture in action
  • Designers pack (tools & guides to get designing)
  • Camping at the venue at Cairns Hinterland Steiner School in Kuranda, Far North QLD.
  • Take home printed resources & electronic resources on a USB.
  • (optional attendance) to evening talks with special guests & films

Who is it for? 
Anyone who wants the skills and knowledge to grow food organically, regenerate the earth/build soil and re-design landscapes to provide for their needs. Ultimately, anyone who cares for the earth, people and the equality and wants a well practiced method of design to do so.

Who is it not for?
People who don't like to get their hands in the earth and building relationships with like minded people to find solutions for better ways of living. 

Why do this course?
Permaculture design can be applied to growing food, designing structures, managing land and animals, regenerating soil and watersheds, re-weaving cultural cohesion, banking institutions, education and much more. All aspects of life evolve from design. This course in particular has a strong focus on the tropical and subtropical landscape and easy to use computer software to draw illustrated designs.

As we evolve toward a future with concerns for climate change, resource depletion and extreme financial conditions, people from all walks of life are integrating permaculture into their lives, using the guiding principles in planning and decision making - because it is applicable in all climate conditions as well as urban and rural landscapes and community structures.

The core ethics are Care for people, Care for the lands and Fair Share. Easy to resonate with, they are supported by the guiding principles, so please look at David Holmgren's Permaculture Principles to learn move about the permaculture philosophy. We will be teaching both Bill Mollision's and Holmgren's legacy.

What is unique about this course?
It is a Family Friendly Course! This is one of very few PDC's that allows for parents to attend with children being cared for as part of a 'Nature Kids' program, held in the school grounds alongside the PDC course. The love and care will be provided for (at an additional cost) which will include meals and resources for the arts and crafts and nature based play..
diverse teaching team of local experts are presenting the course curriculum, within the comforting classrooms of the Cairns Hinterland Steiner School and on the field.
2-3 days of Tours of inspiring properties around the region, demonstrating permaculture in action and practical hands on learning. 
It is taught at the Cairns Hinterland Stiener School, in the Village of the Rainforest, Kuranda, FNQ. Australia.

What will you get?
You will gain take-home skills for energy efficiency and an in-depth understanding of thoughtful and efficient design processes that will enable you to re-design your life for low cost, abundant and edible transition into self and community sufficiency. This in no way means returning to the past. It is about reconnecting our relationship to earth, exploring better technologies for energy generation, using biology to support our needs, valuing diversity and improving food systems. When problems become the solutions, people become empowered to participate as co-creators in a system that cares for the next 7 generations. You will get 2 weeks of delving deep into this and more. 

What will you learn?

  • A range of techniques that are easy to implement personally and professionally
  • How to read landscapes, document elemental energy flows, familiarise with natural patterns
  • Create a concept plan and work on a design
  • Skills and develop a powerful vision to design a future that you want to live in.

Organic Motion Permaculture Design Certificate Accreditation
This course is covering the original 72 hour intensive permaculture course developed by Bill Mollison, recognised internationally as the minimum training for people teaching and using permaculture in their profession. Endorsed by Robyn Francis, in whom the Organic Motion team completed their Permaculture teaching training certificates. Students will receive a certificate signed by Organic Motion upon completion of the course.

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The permaculture design curriculum is globally recognised and teaches:

  • Permaculture principles and ethics
  • Reading the landscape
  • Pattern design and pattern application
  • Water harvesting and Earth Works
  • Site analysis (Sector Analysis)
  • Site planning and Layout (Zoning)
  • Climate and micro-climate strategies- Tropical, Temperate, Dryland and Humid Climates
  • Mapping
  • Land access
  • Community building
  • Plant guilds
  • Soil Carbon Sequestration
  • Food forests and agroforestry
  • The design process, principles, strategies, and techniques
  • Soil building and sheet mulching
  • Pond management and ecology
  • Natural building
  • Grey water systems
  • Bioremediation
  • Renewable energy systems
  • Watershed management
  • Economy and Equity
  • Group work on a design project​ to sink in the skills gained in this course

Is this course suitable for you?
This course has value to everyone who eats food, drinks water, breathes air and exists on this planet. Permaculture design is relevant to each person’s livelihoods, homes and gardens as well as helping facilitate positive change in communities because it aims to bring harmony, efficiency, respect and abundance within empowering pro-active participation.

Whether you’re interested in growing food in pots on your balcony, designing a kitchen garden, starting community garden, developing techniques to reduce waste and energy consumption or you have a larger professional project in mind, this course will improve your ability to understand and interact with your local environment and give you the inspiration, knowledge and confidence to create great permaculture designs.

Come join us for an exploration into how we can move powerfully into a future that improves the health of people and planet! It's a call to action!

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Scholarship offer

A scholarship is on offer for low income earners.
If you are interested in attending this course, but are unable to afford the fee, please apply via the scholarship button below. Here's what you need know:

  • Fee is reduced to $800 to cover the food budget, materials, resources and tours.
  • The successful application will be notified in writing by Friday August 11th and will  have 3 days to confirm their acceptance.
  • A written and video  testimonial of the experience will be requested upon completion of the course.
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