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Edible & useful plant nursery

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Edible & useful plant nursery

Here is our current list of edible plants we have in our nursery:

ABIU Pouteria caimito $15.00 200mm MEDUIM TREE
AIBIKA Hibiscus manihot $3.00 Cutting SHRUB
ALOE VERA Aloe barbadensis $5.00 200mm CLUMP
AVOCADO (hass seedling) Persea americana $25.00 200mm LARGE TREE
BLACK SAPOTE Diospyros nigra $15.00 200mm LARGE TREE
BRAZILIAN CHERRY Eugenia uniflora $5.00 150mm SHRUB
BRAZILIAN SPINACH Alternanthera sissoo $2.00 Cutting GROUND COVER
CANISTEL Pouteria campechiana $15.00 150mm LARGE TREE
CAPE GOOSEBERRY Physalis peruviana $10.00 200mm CLUMP
CATS WISKERS Orthosiphon aristatus $5.00 150mm SHRUB
CELERY TARO Colocasia esculenta $5.00 150mm CLUMP
COCONUT (dwarf) Cocos nucifera $25.00 250mm PALM
COMFREY Symphytum officinale $5.00 150mm HERB
CRANBERRY HIBISCUS Hibiscus acetosella $5.00 150mm SHRUB
DAVIDSON PLUM Davidsonia pruriens $10.00 150mm MEDUIM TREE
DOGBANE Coleus canina $5.00 150mm SHRUB
ELDER BERRY Sambucus nigra $10.00 150mm SHRUB
GARLIC CHIVE Allium tuberosum $5.00 150mm HERB
GRUMICHUMA Eugenia brasiliensis $25.00 200mm SMALL TREE
HIBISCUS Hibiscus rosa-sinensis $15.00 150mm SHRUB
JACKFRUIT (stringy) Artocarpus heterophyllus $15.00 200mm LARGE TREE
DWARF JADE PLANT Portulacaria afra $5.00 150mm SHRUB
KAFIR LIME Citrus hystrix $20.00 200mm SMALL TREE
LEAF GINSENG Talinum triangulare $5.00 150mm HERB
LEMON GRASS Cymbopogon schoenanthus $5.00 150mm CLUMP
MACADAMIA (seedling) Macadamia integrifolia $15.00 200mm LARGE TREE
MALABAR CHESTNUT Pachira aquatica $25.00 250mm MEDUIM TREE
MAMEY SAPOTE Pouteria sapota $15.00 150mm LARGE TREE
MANGO (bowen) Mangifera indica $15.00 200mm LARGE TREE
MEXICAN TARRAGON Tagetes lucida $5.00 150mm HERB
MOTHER OF ALL HERB Coleus amboinicus $5.00 150mm HERB
MUGWORT Artemisia vulgaris $5.00 150mm SHRUB
MULBERRY (BLACK) Morus nigra $15.00 200mm MEDUIM TREE
NEW GUINEA BEAN lagenaria siceraria $5.00 150mm VINE
OKINAWA SPINACH Gynura bicolor $5.00 150mm HERB
PANDAN Pandanus amaryllifolius $10.00 150mm CLUMP
PAPAYA Papaya carica $5.00 150mm SMALL TREE
PASSION FRUIT Passiflora edulis $5.00 150mm VINE
PATCHOULI Pogostemon cablin $15.00 150mm HERB
PEANUT BUTTER FRUIT Bunchosia argentea $10.00 150mm SMALL TREE
PINTO PEANUT Arachis pintoi $5.00 150mm GROUND COVER
ROLINIA Rollinia deliciosa $15.00 20mm LARGE TREE
SAMBUNG Gynura procumbens $5.00 150mm HERB
SOURSOP Annona muricata $20.00 200mm MEDUIM TREE
SWEET LEAF BUSH Sauropus androgynus $5.00 150mm SHRUB
SWEET POTATO (hawaiian) Ipomoea batatas $3.00 Cutting x5 GROUND COVER
TURMERIC Curcuma longa $5.00 150mm CLUMP
WATER CHESTNUT Eleocharis dulcis $2.00 Root CLUMP
WEST INDIAN LOCUST Hymenaea courbaril $35.00 150mm LARGE TREE

Prices valid from 02/04/2020 - For orders please call 0448 938 270 or email

We deliver to Cairns and the Mareeba for orders over $50. 

Bare rooted cuttings and roots can be posted within Queensland.

We have plenty more plants in propagation, if there is a plant that you would like and its not on this list, than let us know and there is a good chance we will have it or will be able to find it.

Our vegetable seedlings are in production and will be ready shortly.  Sign up to our mailing list and we will let you know when they have sprouted.

Peanut butter fruit seedling
Heirloom tomato seedling

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