Poultry Systems

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Poultry Systems

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Chicken Tractor

Chicken Tractors are a movable chicken house. The chickens will weed & fertilize an area of ground, preparing it for a vegetable patch!

In fact chicken tractors take all the work out of raising chickens – no cleaning, no work and no mess. The floor-less coop ensures that the manure falls exactly where you want it – onto the grass or garden bed. Other than checking for eggs (accessible via rear hinged door) and providing water, food and occasionally moving the tractor, there is very minimal maintenance to do.

  • Designed for no stress management of having chickens
  • Provides your birds with a clean, safe, pest-free habitat
  • Returns wholesome eggs with a rich dark yellow yolk courtesy of the high level of fresh vegetation in their diet.

Custom sizes can be constructed - please contact us for more info.

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Clucker Tucker Grazing Frames - the 'salad bar' for your hens

This constructed ‘self help’ salad bar is designed to take away the challenge of providing fresh green vegetation to your flock of hens. In an urban area where spaces are limited, it is the perfect addition to ensure a constant supply of food, without them roaming your entire garden in order to meet their nutrient needs.

Considering 20-30% of a chicken’s diet should be fresh greens to ensure optimum health and enhance the quality of their eggs and meat, it is important to allow them to graze on fresh grass and plants, as they would have access to, when free ranging on pastures.

The reality is, in a confined space and in all their ‘chickiness’, your hens will graze scratch away at the same spot of vegetation until the roots are consumed. To combat this, the implementation of grazing frames will allow your hens to enjoy this ‘self help’ option to fresh greens shoots that grow past the horizontal wire mesh, a bit like a salad bar! Simply sprinkle ‘clucker tucker’ seeds and general grass seed into the frames.

Grow vegetation that they like to eat around the external fence-line of the coop so you can ‘grab and throw’ to them as you walk past. Click here to see some suitable species.

Other good ways to supplement their fresh feast needs is bring vegetation to them like household food scraps, sprouted grains, and catchment of fresh cut grass. Alternatively, you can use a ‘chicken tractor’ to move them around desired areas of your garden.

As another option, you could use a paddock system to with specific yards for growing, resting and working if you have more space to work with.


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