Wood Fired Oven

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Wood fired ovens not only keeps the heat out of the kitchen but also brings a beautiful functional addition to the backyard. Food that is cooked in these ovens is deliciously smoky in flavour and tastes amazing. They have an excellent way of bringing people together, where everyone can get involved in the preparing, cooking and experiment with flavours. Enjoy home cooked pizza’s, breads, roasts, baked fish and more. Every oven we build is unique with its own character and is made on site, so you can get involved and learn along the way if you want.  This oven includes a in built tiled bench for food preparation. Our ovens are Made mostly from natural materials.

Upgrade the wood fired oven to include a rocket! A rocket is a device to produce a high temperature flame for cooking, that is efficient, clean burning and can be easily build from common materials. Smoke (un-used fuel) is burnt up as it passes through the burn tunnel and up the heat riser. Combining a wood fired oven on with a rocket creates a highly efficient oven. This oven heats up in far less time than a wood fired oven and still gives that delicious flavour you would expect.

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