Seeds for change and starting afresh…

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Seeds for change and starting afresh...

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Tonielle Christensen

Tonielle Christensen

Tonielle is a designer focused on improving the wellbeing of people and landscapes to generate abundance and efficiency.

It is time to start. New projects, sharing of information and seeding change for the year ahead. For me, this means putting my home grown adventures into blogging so I can share the abundant processes happening here at our homestead. Unfortunately, the published blogs I wrote last year were deleted so this is a fresh beginning to share our journey.

As I look back over the years I have come to realise that we have done such awesome things on the land and in our kitchens, but documenting this has been a second thought. I am making a commitment this year to put more effort into sharing our organic motion towards living not just sustainably, but aiming to live regenerativeley.

Our business mantra is 'from your garden to your plate' because the result of having an abundant garden is a diverse pantry! Between both, my creative flow comes from what grows and how to prepare and devour it, so you may find inspiration here too. This includes simple herbal remedies - nothing like growing your own drugs! So far, I've made comfrey oil, calendula oil, elderberry tincture, mugwort tincture, gotu kola tincture, sensitive weed tincture and use herbal teas on a daily basis. I am currently studying Nutritional Herbalism through the Living Centre in Canada and hope to run workshops upon completion to compliment the work I do in permaculture design and consultancy to help individuals and communities use plants at preventative health care and gain vitality through their use.

Soooo many projects up and coming this year and a burst of action with the change of season from the big wet to the glorious tropical winter means all the dreaming and visioning is being put into action.

Keep posted to read more about the 'Bokashi Dome Garden' a walk in enclosed keyhole garden to produce annual crops and designed to be bush turkey proof. I will be updating photographs and qualitative results of the produce that comes from using no other measures of fertility other than what organic fertiliser comes from our kitchen food scraps using a Bokashi system.

Also, heading up to Ghost Gums farm in July to assist with a Cal Earth bag building workshop and connecting with the Resilient Communities Institute with plans to further our permaculture study and become trainers to teach PDC's and assist traditional land owners to get back to country. We are very much looking forward to attending another full PDC in September too!

We are working in our rental property to bring it up to a standard to showcase an urban permaculture property for the 'organic experience' bus tour, which visits properties around the tablelands region each week.

Planning our trip to NZ in early 2015 for the Australian Permaculture Convergence! More to say about that soon...

In the meantime, we have new products for our market stall and available online which include the Aracaria information guides which are jam packed full of practical knowledge to get started in the garden and only $15 each.

We are excited to promote the fact that we now stock Eden seeds and have available crops that are in season, plus useful perennials. Open pollinated, organic and hardy for our climate, you only need to buy them once and you can save the seed to grow again and again. Support bio-diversity by choosing quality seeds for future generations! $3.70 per packet.

Let us know if you want to know more!

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