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Tropical annual planting guide

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Annual Tropical Planting guide

Do you need a vegetable planting guide that is made especially for the tropics? With a lot of trial and error, research and talking to many people in the community, we have put together a list of our favourite vegetables, herbs and spices that we can grow in the tropics throughout the year. This list of plants is for annuals, which means they will grow and often die back each year to be replanted from seed again. The guide is separated into; Fruits, Roots, Leaves and Legumes to assist with ease of crop rotation.

  • Weeks from seed to harvest
    This is the time in days from when it takes from seed to germinate to the time to harvest the crop
  • Spacing between plants
    When planting this is the spacing between each plant in centimetres (cm)
  • Direct (D) or seed tray (S)
    Direct means directly into the garden bed and seed tray means sow the seed into a tray or pot and germinated the seed before it goes into the garden
  • X indicates time the plant

To download the latest version of the Annual Tropical Planting Guide go to EartheArtisan's website -

tropical annual vegetable planting guide

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