What has ‘rocket’ got to do with Pizza?

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What has ‘rocket’ got to do with Pizza?

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Short answer...it is super efficient in fuel (wood) and time to cook scrumptious feasts!

We started out making the traditional cob ovens and still love them. It is the 3 hours of prepping the fire to generate the heat inside before to cooking, that often deters people (and us) from using the oven without a lot of prior planning.

10 reasons why we love the 'Rocket' oven:

  1. It uses just 1/5th of the wood to generate heat up to 300 degree Celsius and double burns the carbon in the wood, so it is essentially a smoke free burn.
  2. It starts easily, with pine cones or newspaper or a few sticks of bamboo or kindling
  3. The wood can easily be grown onsite, even an urban block. Pigeon Pea (Cajanus Cajan) is perfect for the job and fast growing
  4. It takes only 15 minutes to generate the heat to cook.
  5. We can cook outside, away from the hot kitchen in summer
  6. The cooking experience is usually a social event, or can be done while watching children play or enjoying natures wonders
  7. The oven looks amazing and with a big prep bench attached, it is means everyone can help prep meals
  8. It is an art piece, we make with our own hands and that is very satisfying
  9. It's a duel heating system. Not only can it cook whatever is inside, it also has a cooking surface on top to keep soup or sauce warm.
  10. The food that is cooked in the oven, be it pizza, roasts, damper or baked goods always looks and tastes amazing.

If you think you would like a wood fired oven at your place, check out the options on our products page and order on today. If you have any questions or would like a quote because you think you have an unique situation, give us a call.

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